I'm a software engineer, working for a multinational workforce management company. I deal with technology, security, performance, scalability and other interesting kinds of magic :)
Feel free to scroll through some of my personal stuff, software & experiments that i made as a hobby over time.

My Active Projects

XMillis.com / CurrentMillis.com
This family of time services (measurement, conversion, synchronization) is my flagship project

My Articles, Whitepapers & Books




Some Experiments & Investigations




1x1 single black pixel image (2015)
Useful for setting the phone's background to solid black (other dimensions: 100x100, 500x500)

Testimonials :)

cool feedback cool feedback cool feedback cool feedback cool feedback cool feedback cool feedback cool feedback

Some Smaller Projects

4DURL (2017)
Tool for UI / browser-based debugging

Virtual Keyboard Assistant (2017)
Have an app perform repetitive "boilerplate" keyboard/mouse actions for you

Regex cheat-sheet & test tool (2016)
Learn & test your regex online quickly

Causes I support

Micro-loans for poor people in developing countries

Portable Apps
Apps that you can copy and run in a portable way without installation. Let's get rid of this antiquated "installation" process.

Eclipse IDE
I use it at work, i use it at home.. It's a sustainable tool, built for the future..

Space X
Either we remain cavemen or: we want to survive in the future as a space faring civilization. Both choices are equally valid. But we have to make the decision and understand the consequences.

My Free Time

Playing with my Nikon P900 camera
Some pictures that i take from time to time with this 83x optical zoom camera


Some Parked / Inactive / Discontinued Projects

Sonic Typing
Hear what you type at a speed proportional to your typing

Sand is an application that i tailor-made for myself unifying concepts from the entire productivity ‘cycle’ (alarms, reminders, tasks, rest). It’s not meant to please everyone but prepare for a productivity boost if you install it: sand.apk (just install on your Android device from there or look it up on Google Play)

IPO Library for Java
Input-Process-Output library for Java

Versatile, award-winning app in its time… Now it’s just unmaintained and old. It used to be on the Google Play Market at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.android.todo but i unpublished it (didn't have an up to date policy relative to the API features it used). Farewell Tag-ToDo-List

[Undisclosed name :)]
Unfortunately i had to discontinue [Undisclosed name]. It gained popularity fast but the fact that it was an unauthenticated web service was exposing the entire host server to security & performance issues. The idea is interesting, almost revolutionary.. But the hardware backbone technology necessary to support such a service isn’t here yet.