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The mission of the family of websites & services is to synchronize humans and machines around the world.

This mission statement has a strong foundation in metaphysics: Synchronization is a common denominator for the forces that govern the universe and is a sign of consciousness. For example..
  • Particles in stars and planets are synchronized as they spin around their own axii and along other trajectories, just as solar systems are synchronized in their motion around the center of the galaxy
  • Cells in every living thing are synchronized in terms of function just as they are synchronized against day / night cycles
I consider synchronization an all-encompassing phenomenon driven by “conscious features” from large to small through spatial notions like gravity / attraction and informational notions like communication / intent.

Humans have expanded in spatial & informational terms greatly in the last centuries to the point that travel and access to information is available around the planet and even beyond, through proven technologies.

However, “temporal navigation” references used by the general public seem to remain arbitrary, ambiguous and limited in terms of device use & engineering.

In general use, i made it my purpose to help people and machines synchronize, by offering a family of free browser / HTTP-based services with lightweight protocols.

Beyond general use, there is also a need to synchronize the “synchronizers” at the software engineering level, by offering straight-forward browser-based time conversion tools and by crystallizing time engineering standards.

But more importantly, the aim is to connect time engineering knowledge with time conversion and time navigation by using a functional red line that defines a strategy, such as it is, for time-keeping in the future.

Design Principles
  • "Explicit Persistence"
    The ability to use software as a service (without heavy-weight protocols such as authentication) is amazing. Avoiding server-side state (such as sessions) or client-side state (such as cookies) gives us an incredible opportunity to persist data in something which is shared between humans and processed by machines seamlessly: a URL. In addition, "persistence in the URL" is transparent to the user and allows not only full customization but high-speed customization as well.

  • "Practical Moonshooting"
    A continuous succession of development / evaluation iterations for several features at once, to filter out experiments until those features that are useful remain. They are ambitious and ingenious steps, but not over-reaching, so that the next principle, that of Consistency, can be applied to link services together into a family.

  • Consistency
    To think of consistency as the ability to be remembered is empowering. When you expect a button to be there and it actually is: this is a ticket to a nice ride. When it looks and feels the same across a family of services, you instantly recognize it and you know what it does. This allows you, as a user, to think ahead and use your brain-power closer to its potential.

World View
The mentioned strategy and design principles emerge from a certain world view of everything and everyone being subject to order and entropy. Such a world view is described, for example, in the free book "The Probabilistic Origin Of The Universe". One of the most relevant ideas that arise from such a model, beside the cosmological and scientific implications, is the fact that we all originate from (and are subject to) the same universal phenomena and that, in the end, we are collectively responsible for the resources we share - such as the Earth. Thus we have to elevate our consciousness so that it's capable not only of individual or local but also of collective and global perception of problems and solutions.
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